Metallurgical Technologies of Ukraine

A cored wire is used in metallurgical industry for treatment of metallurgical melts. The use of cored wire allows the extremely precise dosing of the filler that guarantees the implementation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly treatment technology for metallurgical melts. The precise adjustment of the filler elements provided by the precision dosing system, as well as the high mechanical properties of cored wire, guarantee for the consumers the high-quality final results in the use of the cored wire made by our enterprise.

About Us

LLC “METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES OF UKRAINE” is a specialized enterprise for the production of cored wire for in-ladle treatment of metallurgical melts. The company manufactures cored wire with various fillers (silicacalcium, ferroboron, aluminum calcium, ferrocalcium, carbon-containing material, etc.) for the purpose of microalloying, modifying, adjusting the chemical composition of various grades of steel within narrow limits and ensuring the required level of its properties (property strength, plasticity, hardenability etc.).

About the Product

The main technological directions of LLC “METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES OF UKRAINE” are the following:

  • steel refining, precise adjustment of its chemical composition, modification of non-metallic inclusions;
  • improving the quality of steel: for general-purpose structures, for shipbuilding, welded structures, pipes of various dimensions, increased machinability, cord steel, rail mix, low- silica steel, low-carbon steel, etc.

Introduction of various modifiers in the form of cored wires to the metallurgical melt allows implementing modern advanced technologies into the metallurgical industry, improving the ecology at production facilities of every Enterprises.

Cored wires specifications
Packing and parameters of coils


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